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  • Thank you, but the problem is that is howdy installation (that gets automatically executed after I run sudo apt install howdy that tries to run “old fashioned” pip commands. So I should either find a way to tweak Howdy install (like building it from source after changing something maybe?) or disable this system security feature temporarily, install howdy and re-enable it immediately after

  • Nope I didn’t, but the problem doesn’t seem to be the Python version, but instead the fact that now Python is “externally managed” and therefore I cannot install packages using pip install packagename as it used to be.

    I know that this is done for security reasons and that the good practice would be using pipx or conda, but the problem is that howdy istallation still tries to use the “old approach”

  • For me the choice was easy: I was already into the fediverse thanks to Mastodon and then (before all the reddit api drama) some lovely people I had already heard about decided to spin up a general purpose Italian Lemmy instance, and so far I couldn’t be happier for my experience here.

    Maybe I was just lucky but what I would suggest is try to see if there is a small/medium sized instance of your university/city/country as I think they are the ones that works our best (not just for Lemmy but for the fediverse in general)