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Digital and software freedom/rights advocate from Slovenia, Europe. Also a member of the Pirate party. You can find me on Mastodon: @JRepin@mstdn.io

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  • HP48GX scientific calculator, damn old, still works great still use it a lot

    Steam Deck, handheld gaming computer, barely use PS5 anymore, this one is so quick and convenient to just pause and resume games and take gaming everywhere and the SteamOS Linux is awesome. I use the desktop mode with full KDE Plasma desktop as my portable computer a lot when on the go. Also with the dock station I can use it as a gaming console when going on holidays.

    And the flat I live in. Good thing as I bought it quite a few years ago since the home prices are just criminal and highly unjust now. This stuff does not belong on markets to be sold for profits or some criminal short-time renting crap like AirBnB

  • Yeah it is way to often we forget how good we have it on GNU/Linux. I also had to work a lot with the two proprietary OSes a lot during the past year or so at work where our software is cross-platform so I had to test it everywhere. Oh and boy the closed proprietary options are even worse then I remember them from 5+ years ago. So dumbed down so much spyware. One is also very bloated and don’t get me started how hard it is to properly support them when programming and it is so hard to debug when something goes wrong. Just terrible experience for things I take for granted while using GNU/Linux every day.

    So yeah thanks to all people developing libre and opensource software and GNU/Linux especially, just love it how it gives me the choice of which desktop to use, or if I do not want to use GUI desktop at all, thanks for keeping everything deep down event to the center of the kernel accessible, and just hidden behind a very nice GUI desktop, thanks for being so open it is much easier to see things when they go wrong and see where it went wrong and is so much easier to debug. Thanks for keeping and strengthening our 4 essential freedoms and for actually caring about our privacy instead of just bullshiting and talking like you care. And thank you for not adding more stupid corporate bloat into your OS and apps. You are the real unsung heroes of the digital world, unlike this GAFAM/BigTech exploitative mafia making their products ever more closed and shitty in general just to exploit you more.